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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Richard Onyango's Sculpture

Richard Onyango is no stranger to sculpture having made several models of his beloved land rover, a miniature train and several other works over the years, but he is now turning his attention to larger works.
Above are life size sculptures of Drosie (the woman he was in love with the eighties and who died tragically nine months into their relationship) and himself, produced for the Malindi Biennale, these particular sculptures are now the subject of a court case about which I shall comment later after the case has been decided - suffice it to say the life for an artist in Africa can be rocky - but Richard has an extraordinary attitude - he bears no grudges, he is only concerned with wishing for others what he would wish for himself. Totally undaunted by the legal machinations surrounding his first large scale sculptures he is moving on to literally bigger things with plans to produce an enormous ship installation which will house other sculptures representing elements of his life from Drosie, to buses, other machines and even wild animals. I believe Richard's forthcoming sculpture will be amongst his most powerful work he has done, and I will keep you informed about it as the idea takes shape.
See more of Richard Onyango's work in Jean Pigozzi's great collection of Contemporary Africa Art

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Artist's working in Africa - Ed Cross - recent work

Sea Tree Oils on Paper, 100 x 80 cm, 2007

Head, after Harare , Oils on Paper, 100 x 80 cm , 2007

Lamu Garden Oils on Paper,100x80 cm,2007 (sold)

Eye of the Storm, Oils on Paper,100x80 cm ,2007

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Peterson Kamwathi's Kenyan Bulls

Woodcut plates and Stage Proofs, Peterson produces editions of up to two prints per woodcut.

for further information contact ed cross on

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Two African Contemporary Art Shows

Richard Onyango - Peponi Crossing Garsen Ferry in 1979 - Acrylic on canvas

Peterson Kamwathi - Kumbu Kumbu Woodcut print

Welcome to African Works - we are dedicated to the collection, promotion and sale of contemporary African Art.

If you are in or near Kenya, let me start by inviting you to two shows!

Paintings, prints and sculpture by eight exciting contemporary artists from Zimbabwe and Kenya
at The Talisman Restaurant, Karen, Nairobi on Tuesday 14th August

from 6.00 pm to August 27th 2007


New works by Richard Onyango, Peterson Kamwathi and Ed Cross
at Gallery Baraka, Lamu

Private View with Drinks 6.00 pm Saturday August 18th, to 15th September 2007
Richard Onyango is one of Kenya's most celebrated artists, long collected by the doyen of African contemporary art collecting, Jean Pigozzi for his Collection of Contemporary Art in Switzerland and exhibited in Africa Remix, the Venice Biennale and several other major international shows in Europe and the USA. In this group of work we see Richard turning his attention to both Lamu and the roads and ferries to Lamu from the seventies and eighties. Using his extraordinary powers of concentration and photographic memory he is able to "rewind the video cassette " as he puts it, and faithfully reconstruct the specific buses, boats and scenes from his boyhood of thirty years ago. I will be posting more about Richard's work in future...
Peterson Kamwathi is one of Kenya's rising art stars, a master printer who has trained at the London College of Printing, Peterson brings a purity of vision and purpose which is exceptional, his work is also unusually "contemporary" in that it has both conceptual and spiritual elements to it.

Those unable to attend but who would like to see more or better quality images of the work - please let me know by email at

I have posted here some images of work from both shows - with more to follow - if you would like to know more details and prices, please email me.

All the Best


Virginia Chihota - Untitled Silkscreen Print Cosmos Shiridzinomwa - Laundry Day II Oils on Canvas

Sikhulile P Sibanda Pattern of Life Colograph Print 3/50