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Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Contemporary African Art website is now up and running - it has full details of the SEVEN ARTISTS ONE CONTINENT show that is now on in London - viewings are by private appointment- call me on 07507067567.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Seven Artists One Continent

A selection of work on show...

Dominique Zinkpe - Untitled Drawing

Domnique Zinkpe - Untitled Drawing

Dominique Zinkpe - Minuit a Aborney - Oil on Canvas
Richard Lilanga - Mbuni - Acrylic on Canvas
Richard Onyango - Indian Truck - Acrylic on Canvas
George Lilanga - Wacha Hayo Si Mayani - Oil on Board
George Lilanga - Untitled - acrylic on wood
Jems Koko Bi - Parody - Ink on paper
Jems Koko Bi - North Wind - Ink on paper
Peterson Kamwathi - Sitting Allowance - Untitled - (Police) Mixed Media on paper
Lovemore Kambudzi - Mbare Musika
Soly Cisse - Petit Prince - Oil on Canvas

Seven Artists One Continent

African Contemporary Art in London

Contemporary Africa is vibrant, often chaotic, frequently humorous sometimes brutal and dangerous, often charming and compassionate, surprising, refreshing to the often jaundiced Western eye - likewise the art that is being produced in this compelling and paradoxical continent.

This exhibition makes no grand curatorial claims, takes place in a private space in a city that has until recently paid little attention to contemporary African art. But we live in changing times and London, with the rest of the world, is waking up to the fact that Africa has some outstanding contemporary artists. The vibrancy of Africa’s cultures and sensory environments, its relative freedom from the hegemony of global fashions, curatorial elites and standardisation of any kind equates to fertile ground for the development of artistic talent in a continent that has more than its fair share of artists looking for avenues to express themselves and make a difference to their own lives and to the wider world.

Seven Artists One Continent features work by the late George Lilanga from Tanzania and six other artists who with the exception of Jems Koko Bi, who lives in Germany, are living and working on the African continent – from Tanzania to Senegal. Their work reflects the eclecticism that characterises Africa and contemporary African art.

Artists Featured:




JEMS KOKO BI – Cote D’Ivoire




Seven Artists One Continent (curated by Ed Cross and Rebecca Leathley)

is at 5 Talbot Rd London W25JE

Private View 6.30 pm Thursday 26th November 2009, thereafter accessible by private appointment only (via Ed Cross on 07507067567).

Enquiries to